Valentina and Gorkem (Palmdale Estates)

Palmdale Estates Wedding from Andrei Riskin.

First of all, Andrei is just a very cool and collected guy who will make anyone feel comfortable. Interacting with him leading up the wedding was a pleasure – he was extremely responsive to all of our questions and put me and my husband at ease. On the day of the wedding, everybody loved him and his assistant, Suzanna. They were funny, friendly, and in the end, it felt like they were part of the wedding party. Also, when appropriate, we couldn’t even feel their presence. When I look at the videos now I can see Andrei on the ground or crouching behind a pillar so as not to interrupt our special moments. He struck a perfect balance between interacting with us to orchestrate lovely pictures, and blending into the background to naturally capture the genuine moments during our wedding.

Secondly, Andrei is quite simply an artist – I recommend that anyone who is looking into him for their wedding also check out his artistic website – he creates photo-documentaries on more somber topics that are simply beautiful -some of which are featured in museums. His artistry definitely came through in the end product – he captured moments that I missed, which I will cherish forever. The photo-documentary he created was unlike anything I’d seen a wedding photographer do – integrating the soundtrack of our wedding, ambient noises, and voices of my loved ones such that when I watch it, I feel as though I am experiencing the warmth of the event all over again.

Finally, I don’t think you can find a better deal for the work product. Unlike many wedding photographers – Andrei gives you the option of giving you a CD of all your pictures to do with as you please. This is a tremendous money saver – particularly if you want to disseminate the pictures amongst your family members around the world. Also, in my research, I did not see another photographer who creates a comparable photo-documentary. If you want to save some money, you really don’t need a videographer as long as you have Andrei.

In short, if you stumble on this review, contact him immediately, and cross your fingers that he’s available.