Amber and Robert

“I have to say Andrei is fantastic!! He is so professional, kind and easy to work with. He made such a difference in the way we will remember our wedding. When I was done with the wedding I could only remember details here and there, but once I got the photographs back and the slide show it was like I could re-live that day all over again. Andrei was everywhere he needed to be to get the most amazing shots and capture all the moments, but it was like he was a stealth photographer. He was there to get the shot, but you never noticed him!
The other thing that I loved about Andrei is that he really put a lot of time and effort into our day. He showed up the night before the wedding to check out the venue, and figure out where would be the best spot to take the pictures. He had a plan and was organized, and that helped everything go smoothly.
Before Andrei, I was looking at other photographers that were DOUBLE the price and their photographs were not nearly as beautiful. Andrei has the eye for what will make a great picture. He captures moments that you never even knew were happening: laughs, hugs and AWESOME dance moves and then brings them to life. Just trust him and everything will turn out perfect.
I remember when we first met him he said, ” Don’t worry about your pictures just enjoy your day and let me take care of everything” that made me a little nervous at the time, but I am SO happy I listened to him. Enjoying your wedding is the most important part. The second most important part is a great professional photographer so you can look back and remember all those little moments that may have passed you by. Thank you Andrei for everything. We cannot wait to work with you again!” Amber.